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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Writing and Research

Today I sat down at the computer to work on one of my sequels. I had every intention of writing away the afternoon while my almost 2 year old took a nap. But, what I discovered was that I had absolutely no personal knowledge of the topic I chose to write. So I did some research. And I found absolutely nothing that helped. So I did a little more, and a little more, and before long, my husband was home with my 7 year old and it was time to quit being an author and go back to being Mom.

I've been sitting at the computer now for about an hour. I've been on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Goodreads, and Pinterest. I should be writing. But I'm struggling. Do I continue in the direction I'm going, hoping that I can figure out what I need to sound believable? Or do I completely change directions - again?

Until I decide, maybe it's time to work on something new? ;)