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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Goodbye Camp!

Dear Diary,

I had a really good time at camp this year, but I didn't hit my goal. I didn't even come close. I'm kind of disappointed that I couldn't pull it together at the last minute, but life got in the way. Still, I guess I should be proud of how much I actually got written, right? Here are my end of the month stats:

Goal: 50,000
April total: 36,747
Words remaining: 13,253

36K isn't anything to sneeze at. That's a crazy amount of words for someone who only wrote 15 days out of the entire month while also working three part-time jobs (sort of - it's hard to explain) and taking care of my family. Because for some reason those little people expect me to feed them three times a day. haha

So, with that, I bid goodbye to Camp Nanowrimo. Don't worry though. I had so much fun this past month, I'll be back in July! And I already know what I'm going to work on. In the meantime, I guess I have a few months to finish my April project, right?