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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Projects, Edits, and Rewrites

I have been insanely busy. The real world (aka my kids and my real-life job) have kept me so incredibly busy that I honestly haven't even been on Twitter that much lately. Seriously, I'm kind of going through withdrawls. I miss my Twitter friends. Really. I mostly only have had time for a few updates on Facebook, and quickly posting photos on Instagram.

But I have been writing. Promise!

I just finished the first round of rewrites on my July Camp Nano project from last year, The Choice. It's currently in the hands of my very capable beta readers, and I can't wait to get all their notes back!

I also started something new while I was on vacation (I know, I know, vacations are for relaxing, not working!), and I'm really excited about it.

But what I think everyone is going to be the most excited about is that I am currently working on the first round of rewrites on the sequel to Escaped! Seriously, I announced on Facebook that I might work on it for April's Camp Nano, and I was shocked to see how many people were excited about the news. Thanks guys! It really made my day.

Those of you wondering when in the heck I'm going to get around to telling you what happens next in The Sector series, well, you're going to have to wait just a bit longer. I'm sorry. I'm still trying to work out part of the timeline for what happens next, but it's going to be (hopefully) epic! I've already written the sequel, but it needs some major editing, which will happen later this summer, if everything goes as planned. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

And then, of course, because I've got so many things swirling around my head already, I have several new ideas ready to make their way out of my head and onto paper. Soon. I hope. Maybe for November's Nanowrimo? We'll see.

Speaking of Nanowrimo -

Camp Nano starts in April. 10 days ya'all. Cabin assignments happen in 4. Who's with me? I love Camp because it doesn't have to be a 50,000 word commitment. If you think you can only write 15,000 then that's your goal. And if you write more than that? Celebrate! Have a party, get a manicure, buy a new book to read. But most importantly, keep writing.

So, who's with me for camp this April? Want to request me in your cabin? Feel free! My username is laurajo06. And as for my goal? I'm setting it for 70,000 - but only because I'm already almost 20,000 words into my rewrite, and that would make it so I have to write about 50,000 words in April. I can totally do this.