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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNoWriMo Progress

You guys, I just hit 15,000 words!  15,078 to be exact!  I'm so excited.  I was so behind for so long that I didn't think I would ever catch up.  Now I'm only 1600 words behind!  That's totally doable!  And the awesome thing?  I caught up in, I kid you not, 2 nights.  Yep!  2!!

Also?  I have a title!  I've always kind of known that this project would be part of a series, and I've titled all three books.  I even have basic plot outlines for the first two, and bits and pieces of plot for the third.  I'm so excited.  And the great thing is, it never would've gotten written (or planned) without NaNoWriMo.  So, thanks to whoever started it, because now I am actually getting some projects written.

But what about all the projects I've started, you ask?  Well, don't worry.  They're still there.  They've just been moved to the back burner.  The one I've titled '13' has hit kind of a dead end and needs to be re-worked a bit.  Don't worry, I haven't written 120 pgs for nothing.  It'll bounce back.  I promise :)

Speaking of page count.  I'm on page 40 of my current project.  I know.  Crazy.  Just a few nights' work and I've got 40 pages.  I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it.  And the great thing is, I don't feel the need to re-read everything I wrote the day before and edit it (like I have with past projects).  I'm really getting into this project, and I think it'll turn out great.  :)

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