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Friday, May 31, 2013

Because it's been a while....

Because it's been a while and I'm dying to post another little selection of writing for you all:

“Clear!” someone shouted.

My body jumped as electricity jolted through me. I floated toward the ceiling as the electricity jolted through me a second time. Then the searing pain started. It started in my brain and worked its way slowly down my spine and out to my arms and legs, all the way down to my fingers and toes. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move. Or scream. All I felt was pain.
“Anything?” Someone asked.

Jolt! The burning pain intensified.
“Check the monitors!” a man yelled. “Any activity at all?”

“None, Doctor,” an unfamiliar voice said near my head.
Jolt! The pain was unbearable.
“Anything yet?”

“Nothing yet, sir.”

“Then we try again,” the man said, clearly determined.
“Sir? There’s no activity. It’s no use, she’s gone.”

“I don’t care! Clear!”
Another jolt of electricity rushed through my body. Excruciating pain followed. And then I felt the slamming against my chest, so hard that I couldn’t tell whether it was my own heart trying to explode, or someone trying desperately to get it to start again. Machines began beeping steadily somewhere in the background and someone sighed loudly out of relief and exhaustion. The floating feeling disappeared as the pain encompassed me. I drifted on past the edge of consciousness and into complete darkness.

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