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Friday, May 17, 2013


Editing is the hardest part for me. Taking what I've written and changing it so it sounds better and makes more sense? Why would I want to do that?! ;)

But I've been learning a TON lately. Like, did you know in America we drop the double l in "canceled"? Or that we spell gauge "gage"? Yeah, I didn't either. Stupid American English. Being all different from the rest of the world. haha

But, the good news is that this past week I have edited just over 1/3 of The Sector. I'm hoping to reach halfway by tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?).

It's taken me a little longer than I expected because in the middle of all of this editing craziness I decided to get SCUBA certified. Yep, breathing underwater is my new thing. Who knows? Maybe it will make an appearance in a future book? That could potentially be cool.

Anyway, I'll post when I get closer to finishing. Hopefully it will be soon!!

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