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Saturday, April 25, 2015

So Behind

I am so behind! I'm only at about 18,000 words at the present, and there are 4 days until the end of the month. Yippee! I don't think I'll hit 50K, and it kind of makes me sad.

But, on the positive, at least I'm writing again, right? I am still thinking about the novel, even if I'm not writing on it every day. It seriously has been haunting my thoughts. How am I going to get to the awesome ending I have planned for it? What are my characters going to do to change the pre-conceived plot I have?

The bonus is that I'm just over halfway to what I wrote last April, so I figure as long as I beat my 2014 numbers, I'll be okay. And, if I don't make it to 50K, I can always try again in July.


Life has been pretty crazy.

So we'll see.

Until then, wish me luck! Send me all the good writing vibes you can.



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