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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Something New

You guys! I'm working on something new!

I know, I know!

When are the sequels to the other books going to get finished?

Someday. I promise. But I'm kind of stuck so I figured I'd work on something that has been bugging me to get out onto paper (or the computer screen) for a while now.

Want a sneak peek?

I thought you might.

Please keep in mind, this is completely unedited. Like, I wrote it tonight. So be nice in your comments as far as grammatical errors are concerned. ;)

Thanks for reading!



“Community College sucks,” I grumbled as I staggered up the steep marble steps of the oldest building on campus. It was so run down and in dire need of repair that I had to keep dodging the broken steps. I dropped a book. “Son of a –”

“Need some help?” a voice called from behind me.

I turned as I bent down to grab my book, dropping the other five I held clutched in my arms.

“Apparently,” I smiled with a shrug. “Thanks.”

He ran up the stairs easily, not even out of breath when he reached me, and handed me the first book I dropped.

“Thanks,” I blushed as I gathered the rest of my things. “I can’t believe I’m such a clutz. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been up and down these stupid stairs. I should have it figured out by now.”

“The trick is to just keep going,” he said with a smile. His deep blue eyes twinkled at me as the sunlight glinted off them. “Don’t worry if the step is broken. Just keep going. You won’t wear out as easily. Promise.”

“Thanks for the tip,” I laughed. The clock tower chimed the hour and I groaned. “But now I’m late for class. I really need to get going.”

“I could help you get out of trouble,” he offered hastily. Then, as if to cover his eagerness, he added with a shrug, “Or not. Whatever.”

“And how could you get me out of trouble with my professor?” I chuckled. “It’s the first day of class, I’m already behind on my reading, and I’ve heard he’s a real hard –”

“Hey!” he objected. “I’m not that bad!”

My mouth dropped open in surprise. I swear my eyeballs practically popped out of my head. Was I seriously standing there on the steps of the oldest building on campus talking to my professor – and thinking about how awesome his eyes were, because seriously, they were awesome – and had I really just almost called him a hard –?

“Hello?” he waved his hand in front of my face, interrupting my scattered, rambling thoughts. “You still here?”

“Hi, yeah, sorry,” I blinked wildly, trying to regain control of my brain, mouth, and other necessary functions. “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were my professor. Your bio made you sound a lot –”

“Older?” he offered. I shook my head. “Stuffier? Boring? Ancient? I’ll accept any of those answers.”

“No!” I objected. “The course description itself was enough to draw me in, but then when I read your bio and all the things you’ve accomplished, I knew I just had to be one of your students.”

“Smart move,” he winked at me as he turned and escorted me up the rest of the stairs. “Brown nose the professor on the first day before class. Always works.”

----Untitled Project, copyright Joanna Peterson 2015

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