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Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 7

Dear Diary,

Things are finally starting to pick up around here. This morning, in the shower, I had a brilliant idea of how I want the rest of this novel to go. It took me forever to type it into my phone - stupid autocorrect. This is very exciting for me because usually when I write, I just kind of write. I let it go and fix all the problems and issues and add in all the little extra subplot stuff later. But this time, for whatever reason, it's all working out nicely. And I have an outline. VICTORY!

So, here are my stats:

Goal: 70,000
Day 7 total: 2,418
Day 7 running total: 20,234
Words remaining: 49,766

Under 50,000 words to go! Usually I don't even start writing until week 2 of Camp Nano, and then I hit the 50,000 mark the night before camp ends. Hopefully I'll be well over 70,000 by the end of camp this year. That would be awesome.

So, as is my habit, here is a tidbit from tonight's writing. I hope you enjoy. Also, feel free to leave comments below. :)

“I recognize that slam,” he chuckled. “Wasn’t that the same girl who was in here the other day?”
“Yeah, Crosland,” Turturro sighed with a nod. “It was.”
“So what’s her story?”
“I shelved her case. She’s grasping at straws, inventing imaginary assailants in other states,” Turturro shook his head. “She’s desperate to keep the case open. And, honestly, I don’t blame her. What she went through? I’d be doing the same thing if it had been one of my girls.”
“Who is she?” Crosland asked.
“You didn’t recognize her?” Turturro chuckled. “What? Don’t you ever watch the news?”
“Don’t own a TV,” Crosland chuckled. “Only news I get is what’s on the bar TV after my shift.”
Turturro shook his head and turned back toward his desk. Crosland followed.
“So? Who is she?” he pried.
“That was Jamie Lynn Turner.”
Crosland stopped dead in his tracks and turned back toward the door, his mouth agape.
“Right?” Turturro chuckled. “That’s what I thought when I caught the case last year.”
“I just realized I’m late for a testimony review,” Crosland mumbled, glancing down at his watch. “Catch you later, boss.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Turturro waved him off, paying no attention to Crosland as he rushed from the building.
Outside, Crosland reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. His fingers flew across the on-screen keyboard as he sent off a text message.

We need to talk. Now.

So many questions, right? Who is Crosland? Why is he so interested in Jamie Lynn? And who the crap is he texting? Stay tuned, and maybe I'll answer some of those questions as the month goes on.



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